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Contractors hired to mow fake grass!

Ok, so who says that pictures never lie?

Well, sometimes they don’t necessarily tell the full story. As Townsville City Council, on the North Eastern Coast of Australia found out, when workmen were photographed mowing an artificial lawn that helps keeps their town centre looking smart, pristine and attractive.

The workmen – and the City Council – became a local laughing stock after a passing motorist took the pictures, and posted them on Social Media sites.

Residents were up in arms. After all, wasn’t this just a complete waste of ratepayers money?

Well, you couldn’t make it up. Or maybe you could!

You see, what REALLY happened, is that the workmen WERE using a lawn mower, but they were actually using it as a VACUUM, to hoover up litter and cigarette butts from the artificial grass.

”The contractors who did that work didn’t give us the heads-up they were going to be using a mower,” said a rather bemused spokeswoman for the Townsville City Council.

“So they’re not actually mowing grass, they were using the lawn mower as a vacuum to suck up the butts – there’s been a major problem there with people littering and throwing their cigarette butts out as they drive by, and we are simply doing something about it.”

Local people who actually watched the workmen looking as though they were mowing an artificial lawn found it hilarious. And so did others, once they realised what actually was going on.

The moral of the story is this – artificial grass is, of course, easy to maintain and keep clear. Many people simply use a rake, or a blower, to clean up leaves and litter.
But a lawn mower?!

Anyway, it will not be happening again. The Townsville City Council spokeswoman said the clean-up crew had been asked to consider other options when it came to cleaning the artificial grass.

“It did look ridiculous,” she admitted.

And they did see the funny side of it all. Eventually!

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