Contractors hired to mow fake grass!

Ok, so who says that pictures never lie? Well, sometimes they don’t necessarily tell the full story. As Townsville City Council, on the North Eastern Coast of Australia found out, when workmen were photographed mowing an artificial lawn that helps keeps their town centre looking smart, pristine and attractive. The workmen – and the City […]

Happy Holidays with LazyLawn

So the Holiday season is well and truly upon us with people jetting off all over Europe and beyond. Last year there was a trend to stay at home due to the recession, and with the economy showing (very small) signs of recovery we are seeing many people going overseas to soak up some guaranteed sunshine! If […]

Out of the Woods enhance their outdoor areas with LazyLawn

In conjunction with the local authority new business development department, the Out Of The Woods (OOTW) owners wanted to enhance their entrance and outdoor area using fake grass. This naturally worked very well with the juice bars name ‘Out Of The Woods’ which refers to an outdoor experience. Lazylawn has seen an increase in commercial areas requiring […]