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10 Best Garden Games That Are Fun For All The Family

Family play ring toss on Artificial Lawn

Summer is on its way, so what better way to make the most of the sunshine than spending more time in the garden. From swingball to giant Jenga to badminton, these are 10 top games to enjoy on your new LazyLawn. These games are fun for all ages and are perfect for bringing the whole family together, helping fight boredom, and keeping everyone entertained all summer long.


Swingball is a classic game that kids and adults alike will love. This is a fun 2-player game that can be played on any surface, but we think it is best enjoyed on the lawn. Each player takes it in turns to bat the tennis ball clockwise or anti-clockwise up or down the pole. Watch as the ball flies around the pole and the first to get the ball to the top or bottom wins. A great game for those who like tennis but don’t have space for a full-court showdown.

Two Girls Play Swing Ball on Artificial Grass Lawn

Giant Chess

Take this much-loved board game from the tabletop and onto the lawn for a supersized game of skill and strategy as you try to outsmart your opponent. Giant chess is exactly the same as regular chess, only larger, so you can step right into the board for a more immersive chess experience. Simply lay down the chessboard on the lawn, set the pawns, rooks, bishops, knights, kings, and queens in position, and the first to checkmate wins!

Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga is exactly like Jenga, only bigger. The rules are simple – build the tower using the building blocks then take turns to remove a block and place it on top of the tower carefully without knocking the tower over. This is fun for all the family and easy for kids of all ages. Fans of regular Jenga will love this oversized version, and don’t worry, it’s safety-approved so won’t hurt anyone when it tumbles over.


Rounders is a summer favourite and is a must if you have a large garden with plenty of lawn space. All you need is a bat, a ball, 4 posts, and your friends and family. You can get a rounders kit that has everything you need, including artificial turf-friendly posts with bases that don’t need to be dug into the ground. In 2 teams, take it in turns to bat and field and score points by running past all 4 bases without being caught or stumped out by the opposition. So get all your friends and family round for a game of rounders.

Velcro Catch

Velcro catch is an exciting way to practise your catching and throwing skills. The game includes a velcro board that attaches to your hand and a velcro ball that sticks to the board. Strap the velcro pad to your hand and throw the ball to your partner with the other. They try to catch the ball with the pad and then throw it back for you to catch with your velcro pad. Stand further apart ‘til you become a pro catcher. You can also play with yourself by throwing the ball in the air and catching it on your board.

Ring Toss

Ring toss, also known as quoits, is a great lawn game for younger kids to practise their aiming skills and master their hand-eye coordination. This game features a wooden cross-shaped base with 5 target pegs and 5 hoops. Simply throw the rings onto the pegs from a set distance. Each peg has a corresponding score and the team with the highest score wins. Why not take a few steps further away from the target to really test your aim.

Family play ring toss on Artificial Lawn

Giant Connect 4

Taking the classic game Connect 4 and supersizing it. This is everything you love about your favourite 4-in-a-row game, but giant. A 2-player strategy game in which you take it in turns to insert the counters into the frame. The aim of the game is to try and get 4 of your coloured counters in a row either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally whilst preventing your opponent from doing the same. Connect-4 fun for all.


Boules (also known as petanque) is a garden game favourite that is perfect for playing with friends and family on your lawn. All you need is a set of boules balls and you’re good to go. The game is easy for all ages to play. Individually or in teams, throw or roll your balls as close to the smaller target ball, also known as the jack, as possible. Whoever gets their balls closest to the target ball wins.


Badminton is a fantastic lawn game for kids and adults of all ages. You can get your hands on a full badminton set which includes everything you need – racquets, shuttlecocks, and a net – for all the badminton fun you could possibly have. Whether playing doubles or singles, you’re guaranteed to have hours of entertainment hitting the shuttlecock back and forth over the net and competing with your family and friends throughout the summer months.

Slip ‘n’ Slide

Not so much a game as an exciting, fast-paced, super cool activity that we had to include. Kids will love slipping and sliding their way through the summer. This is perfect for when the sun’s shining down and the kids need cooling down with some water action. Slip ‘n’ Slides are available in varying sizes to fit your garden and are perfect for laying out across the soft lawn surface. Simply connect it to a garden hose and enjoy hours of serious fun in the sun.

Try a few of these games yourself this summer. Each and every game is perfect to be played on your LazyLawn and will ensure you and your family and friends have loads of fun in the sun in your garden all summer long.

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