How much does artificial grass cost?

Price Estimate For Your Artificial Lawn

It can be tricky to find exactly how much artificial grass costs online. This is because artificial grass varies in price depending on who you purchase from. Typically, a professional installation, depending on the product and project details, can vary between £55-£75 per ㎡.

It would cost £2,700 to have a lawn professionally installed in a garden measuring 40 square metres, which equates to £180 per year for its 15-year life expectancy.

An artificial lawn can even cost less than a real lawn over the long term. When adding the cost of watering, feeding, lawnmowers, and re-turfing required for a real lawn, artificial grass proves to be a cheaper alternative.

The ultimate answer to the question “how much does artificial grass cost” would be that it varies and unfortunately there is no definitive price. It’s worth noting that artificial grass prices are affected by different variables, to read more about how these prices are affected then click here.

In a recent study, LazyLawn found that 56% could save up to £200 a year if they did not have to maintain their garden, and an artificial lawn significantly reduces the cost of maintenance and overall spend on a garden, making it more cost-effective than a real lawn.

So whilst there is an initial outlay, the savings in time, effort, and money over the long haul more than make up for the initial costs.

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The purpose of the budget calculator is to give you an estimated price only. The estimate does not include fitting materials on supply only quotes. Depending on product, site, skip and equipment hire and various other factors, this price may go up or down accordingly.

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