Artificial Grass Prices

What is the average price for artificial grass?

With the rising success that artificial grass is having in the UK, more and more people are considering artificial grass for the their gardens, lawns and more! Regardless, artificial grass prices can differ depending on a range of different variables.

These variables that affect artificial grass prices are: 

  • Size – The length and width of your artificial grass is important in deciding the price. Obviously, the longer & wider the artificial grass, the more it will cost.
  • Pile Height –  The pile size for artificial grass is the length of the individual grass blades. A longer pile height will result in a more full looking lawn, whereas a shorter pile size will give you more of a neat effect. Usually, the shorter the pile height, the cheaper the grass will be as less plastic will be used.
  • Weight – The weight of your artificial grass is directly effected by the two variables mentioned above, a longer pile height results in heavier artificial grass.
  • Installation – Whilst you can install artificial grass yourself, however, it isn’t recommended. This is because artificial grass is quite difficult to install if you have no experience and this could end up costing you more in the long run if you mess it up. 

In order to give you the best artificial grass prices, we have a tool below that will give you an accurate price on your artificial grass- this can either include or exclude the installation cost in case you wish to fit it yourself. The installation service price can vary depending on where you need the lawn installed, however, our professional and experienced installers will be able to fit your new artificial grass virtually anywhere!

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The purpose of the budget calculator is to give you an estimated price only. The estimate does not include fitting materials on supply only quotes. Depending on product, site, skip and equipment hire and various other factors, this price may go up or down accordingly.

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