Fun & Games with LazyLawn – Can you become a Sporting Great?

The fantastic success of the British athletes at the Olympic Games on Saturday evening will surely have energised a new breed of sports enthusiasts. Jessica Ennis, Mo Farrah and Greg Rutherford winning gold medals before a prime time TV audience on BBC 1 united the nation, and even the doubters have admitted their enthusiasm for […]

O Lazylawn Lazylawn, wherefore art thou Lazylawn?

Have you seen the latest 3D animated blockbuster ‘Gnomeo & Juliet’? It brings Shakespeare’s classic ‘Romeo & Juliet’ tale out into the garden and replaces the human characters with blue and red hatted garden gnomes. Have a look at the image below to see the bright vibrant lawns of the blue and red gnomes. Now, […]

Artificial Lawn – Easy Payment Options…

You can now have a LAZYLAWN installed and pay nothing for 6 whole months! A range of easy payment options have been introduced enabling customers to spread the cost of a professional installation. Plumping for fake grass over real turf is now so much more tempting and it brings with it many great benefits; Mud free lawn! […]

LazyLawn in Amateur Gardening Magazine

Lazy Lawn was recently mentioned in the June 6th 2009 issue of Amateur Gardening – Britains Best Selling Weekly Gardening Magazine! A pleased customer kindly wrote in about her new LazyLawn! Please see image above. The artificial lawn installation was completed by the LazyLawn Southend team with exceptional results! Customer feedback is essential in maintaining […]

LazyLawns – Lawns Of The Future?

The Grass That’s Always Greener… No watering No fertilizer products No mowing Low maintenance LazyLawns tick a few boxes in taking a step toward lowering your carbon footprint. A LazyLawn can also be recycled at the end of its life (approx 15 yrs), if the correct procedures are followed. With dry summers and wide spread […]