In the Summertime!

This Sunday we see the official start of British Summertime! Although we lose and hour in bed, the change in clocks means we will now have more light in the evenings and be able to spend time with our family outdoors (weather permitting of course)! For many people this also brings more chores to complete […]

Make your garden as pristine as your LazyLawn – 12 Top tips

Ok, so the weather has not exactly been kind to gardening enthusiasts this year – particularly as winter became spring, which is the traditional time that people start to venture back outdoors. Heavy snow the week before Easter? Crazy! Spring, of course, is traditionally the time when people start to think about livening up the […]

Fun clean play, all day every day!

The arrival of February might well signal to many that winter is approaching its finale, and spring is just around the corner. But winter has a habit of having a final hurrah. So if you think you have seen all the snow for this year, be warned – it ain’t necessarily so! Snow might well […]