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LimeFill™ is a natural mixture of coconut fibres and river sand. These are both natural materials, making them the ideal green base for our ONE-DNA® grass.

Each bag is 21kg in weight, to complete 21m2. Use 1kg’s of Limefill on top of 6-8kg’s kiln dry sand per m2.

Use a lawn lute tool to apply.

Natural Artificial Grass Infill

LimeFill™ offers various benefits, like its cooling and water-absorptive qualities. It retains moisture, which results in lower turf temperatures on hot summer days. On top of that, LimeFill™ adds an aesthetically pleasing effect, making the artificial grass look even more natural. And just like any other infill, LimeFill™ provides proper support to the piles.

Benefits of LIMEFILLTM

More Stable Temperature

It is common knowledge that artificial turf, like wood and stone, can become quite warm on hot summer days. With a test set-up, we can measure exactly how certain systems behave when exposed to high temperatures over a longer period of time. As you can see, artificial grass in combination with LimeFill™ gives very good results compared to sand-filled artificial grass.

Don't fancy installing it yourself?

We have a nationwide network of LazyLawn licensees who have been verified by Which? Trusted Traders, ensuring the best possible finish for your artificial lawn.

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