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Indoor Event Flooring Tapes


View our range of indoor flooring tapes. Each roll is 50mm wide by 50m long.

We have 3 tapes available for purchase, each designed for a specific use. Please read below to decide which tape you need for your project.

NEC Tape – Used to hold artificial grass or carpet down at locations like the NEC (smooth, clean floors only and avoid on wooden floors).

Double-Sided Tape – This tape is used for permanent fixing onto any clean, smooth surface like steel, marble, timber, or smooth concrete (please note that this will leave damage on removal).

3M Impact Tape – This tape is used to fix our PVC bevels down and to fix carpet or grass to the back of the bevel (note – if the floor you are covering is not to be damaged, do not apply this tape directly to it).

Don't fancy installing it yourself?

We have a nationwide network of LazyLawn licensees who have been verified by Which? Trusted Traders, ensuring the best possible finish for your artificial lawn.

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