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The Amazing Benefits of Artificial Grass

The Low-Maintenance Alternative

Artificial grass has now been developed to such a high standard that it looks and feels natural and many cannot tell the difference between a real lawn and their fake lawn.

Artificial grass guarantees a neat and tidy lawn all year round without the hard work associated with a real lawn.

And, of course, artificial grass is much more durable than real grass. Real grass can suffer from any number of issues, particularly weather and pets. Grass can dry out, become waterlogged, fall victim to worm casts, leather jacket infestations, wear and tear, and is susceptible to a whole range of issues. Artificial grass, on the other hand, is not vulnerable to animals, weather, or wear and tear, and is much more robust than real grass.

Additionally, artificial grass is incredibly easy to maintain. Unlike real grass, there is no mowing, watering, feeding, or re-turfing when the elements finally prove too much and it needs to be replaced. The little maintenance required involves simply brushing, which pales in comparison to the upkeep required for real grass.

What’s more, artificial grass can be used in a variety of different ways and settings. It is much more flexible than real grass and is not limited to garden use. Artificial grass not only looks great in the garden, but on roof terraces and balconies for bars, restaurants and hotels, indoors in offices and gyms, for events and displays, and playgrounds, and comes in a range of styles and colours, in comparison to the standard real, limited green grass.

Artificial grass also saves money in the long run. After the initial installation cost, you do not need to spend any money on lawn mowers, re-turfing, watering, or feeding. Once you take these maintenance costs into consideration, an artificial lawn costs less than a real lawn over the long-term and is much more cost-effective.

A fake lawn is a more pet-friendly alternative to real grass. Dogs create mud and mess in the garden, bring the mess into the house and you then need to clean your dog too. Artificial grass can, however, work as a fantastic mess-free alternative as it’s durable, low-maintenance, and easy to clean. Pet owners can enjoy an attractive garden whatever time of year without worrying about a ruined lawn.

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