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Everything You Need to Know About Dogs and Artificial Grass

The Low-Maintenance Alternative

Artificial grass is ideal for dog owners who need an alternative to real grass which is continuously torn up and destroyed by their dogs. Simply put – if you’re tired of muddy patches, holes, and yellow stains on your lawn, artificial grass is a durable, pet-friendly alternative that looks great all year round.

Dogs can continue to play, roll, and run around on your lawn without turning your garden into a mud bath and bringing those muddy paws into the house. No more dirty footprints on the sofa. No more keeping the dog inside when the garden is wet.

Certain products are designed with pets in mind and feature high-density tufting and sand-filling to protect your lawn from dog claws, holes, and any other potential damage. For products most suited to dogs, we recommend Wonder Yarn or Lazy Signature.

Additionally, artificial grass is non-toxic, hygienic, and is not discoloured by urine and waste. Certainly, you will not need to use potentially harmful lawn maintenance products that could hurt man’s best friend.

Dog mess is also no problem and a hose can be used to quickly clean down the lawn and the LawnClenz products can be used to quickly, safely, and easily remove smells and keep the lawn clean and fresh.

For further details on pets and artificial grass, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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