London 2012 Olympics

During the 2012 Olympics, LazyLawn was called in to complete a number of projects around London, including Lord’s Cricket Ground and Heathrow Olympic Terminal.

Project: Covering Cables

Around many of the sites, a large number of cables for power, sound, and vision were causing a trip hazard and weren’t visually appealing. As a result, we were asked to cover all the cables in a neat and tidy artificial grass sleeve at many of the key locations, including Lord’s, Lee Valley Water Park, and the main stadium. We pegged the sleeves down using plastic pegs so as not to damage the mowers.

Project: Cycle Track

We were involved in two projects related to cycling. The main project was to cover the slippery plastic temporary roadway that had been installed around Hampton Court Palace to allow the cycles to return without the risk of slipping over. The other project was to replace the turf on a roundabout with an inlaid logo of a bicycle.

Project: Olympic Airport Terminal

During the games, an exclusive airport terminal was constructed at Heathrow Airport. We supplied and installed 3000sqm of our Meadow Twist due to its hard-wearing properties. Once the Olympics was over, the terminal was dismantled, but the grass was reused in various locations around Heathrow, including a complete gate in Terminal 1.

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