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LazyLawn Lancashire
LazyLawn Lancashire

Why Choose Us?

The LazyLawn Lancashire office are professional installers of
synthetic grass installing in the BB, FY and LA postcode regions.

LazyLawn Lancashire can offer the full range of LazyLawn artificial turf and advise on which product is best for your needs, be it for a roof gardenlawnputting greenpatio or play-area.

As part of the UK's largest licensed network of installers, we deliver market leading quality, superb value and unrivalled service. Using only the highest quality materials, we provide you with a natural looking synthetic lawn that will last for a number of years.

There is a synthetic surface for many applications. If you have a shady lawn that struggles to grow or you are left with a constant muddy
mess after kids play time, then a LAZYLAWN is the
ideal year round green solution.

LazyLawn Lancashire
LazyLawn Lancashire

Areas covered

The LazyLawn Lancashire team are professional synthetic lawn installers.
Covering major towns and cities Blackburn, Blackpool and Lancaster.

LazyLawn Lancashire
LazyLawn Lancashire
LazyLawn Lancashire

Next steps

For your free quotation please call us on 0843 659 5883
Alternatively drop us an email to

LazyLawn Lancashire
LazyLawn Lancashire
LazyLawn Lancashire LazyLawn Lancashire LazyLawn Lancashire LazyLawn Lancashire LazyLawn Lancashire LazyLawn Lancashire LazyLawn Lancashire
More Details

Case Study

Although only a small garden it was a case of not having to cut the lawn for the elderly lady who owned the house. 

Before Artificial Grass Blackpool

Above - The garden as it was, an interesting shape surrounded by a patio on three sides and a fence on the fourth. A turf cutter was enough to remove the existing lawn ready for the artificial grass replacement. The top right picture shows a blend of crushed stone 5-6mm for compaction and drainage. A high quality weed membrane is then added to prevent weeds from establishing through the drainage holes in the synthetic lawn.

After Artificial Grass Lancs

The finished lawn

The lawn is fixed, cut to shape and cut in around the edges for a fantastic finish to the surrounding patio flags. Once again we were able to fix in the washing line, this time with rapid set concrete leaving another satisfied customer.

Finished Artificial Lawn in Blackburn

Another Quality Artificial Grass Installation

This was only a small installation in Lancashire and took less than a day from start to finish.

The existing turf was removed and a layer of crushed stone was applied, the stone we use is a 5-6mm compactable layer. This was another garden where we were able to put a camber in the artificial lawn for a realistic effect. As usual a top of the range fibre glass weed membrane was applied to the base layer to prevent anything growing in from the top and to stop tree roots.

Once the artificial grass was cut to an approximate shape and stretched it was anchored with galvanised pins and cut to the borders, in this case a flag stone patio.

LazyLawn’s attention to detail: Part of any good installation is the "cutting in". In this case we were able to cut the lawn to the existing stone circle and straight and curved lines of cobbles for that close tufted effect.

Our artificial lawns are designed to be durable enough for pets to tear around on all day but also soft to the touch to walk on and for kids to play out on 365 days of the year without getting mud or green stains on their clothes.

completed job synthetic grass in lancaster
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