How to complete a join

If your lawn is wider than 4 meters, you may have to complete a join.

Step One: Preparing the join

If a join in the turf is required, butt both of the surfaces together ensuring the pile is running in the same direction. Fold back 30-40cm on each side along the length of the join and trim 20-30mm from each edge, cutting between tufts.

Step Two: Apply glue and join tape

Unroll join tape shiny side down along the entire length of the join. Apply the adhesive along each edge of the backing in 2 lines. Fold one side of the turf onto the join tape. Then slowly fold over the other side of the join. A gap of 2-3mm between the sections generally gives the best results.

Step Three: Allow time to dry

Once joined, laying weighted planks along the join is a good idea to ensure an invisible joint. Allow 2-3 hours to dry.

Installation Video: How to complete a join

Watch the video below for more information on how to join artificial grass.

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