Artificial Lawn – Easy Payment Options…

You can now have a LAZYLAWN installed and pay nothing for 6 whole months!

A range of easy payment options have been introduced enabling customers to spread the cost of a professional installation. Plumping for fake grass over real turf is now so much more tempting and it brings with it many great benefits;

  • Mud free lawn! – No more dirty foot prints or muddy paws over the kitchen floor!
  • Low maintenance – only the occasional brush required
  • Super soft and safe play area for kids
  • Perfect for pets – they can run around and play all day long
  • UV stabilised – won’t fade – guaranteed for minimum of 10 years

Take it easy on the weekends!

With our most realistic range of lawns now available, it really is virtually impossible to tell the difference between a LazyLawn and a real lawn! Using the best yarns and raw materials available, the products are now so advanced, that you can just now relax and enjoy your outdoor space without having to mow!

A couple of easy payment options are available;

Buy Now, Pay Later – Pay nothing for first 6 months. Settle within this period and pay no interest!
Payable like a credit card with monthly payments

To transform your garden from real to artificial grass, complete a ‘request a quote’ form and return to your appropriate office.

For more information, please call 0800 023 2343.

* Finance is subject to credit check and status.
* The finance options are only available to customers having a LazyLawn professional installation.

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