Canary Wharf Public Areas

Phase 1 (2006)

LazyLawn supplied and installed artificial grass at Canary Wharf, London. The team went in to replace damaged high-traffic areas that had become tired and worn. The installation was completed in a day and included the removal and disposal of the old turf.

The areas were difficult to maintain and mow because of the amount of people walking past the areas, which, along with surfaces becoming slippery when wet, created issues with health and safety. With an artificial lawn, however, health and safety issues are reduced because there is no need to mow, and areas are not as slippery when wet. What’s more, our products are low-maintenance as do not require watering or treatment, and will remain lush and green all year round. It is also fully UV-stabilised so will remain natural-looking and will not fade.

Phase 2 (2007)

The team went installed artificial turf in London in the West Ferry Circus area to replace areas of grass which were difficult to maintain due to traffic and poor access for mowers.

The natural grass areas required watering during the summer months to maintain the natural green look, but with current water shortages, this was no longer an option. A LazyLawn was the obvious solution and the results are outstanding.

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