Bahrain F1 Race Track

7000 sqm of LazyLawn artificial grass was used around the Bahrain F1 Race Track. 2000sqm of Grass Park was made specially to match the colour of the sand around the track. The materials had to be pre-cut into 2m x 4m sections with a tolerance of +/- 5mm, and included over 10 tonnes of adhesive! The products were shipped by air and sea freight, in time for installation to take place before the Formula 1 race.

Due to problems the previous year with sand blowing onto the track, and more importantly, into the cars, the decision was made to replace some of the sand in the most problematic areas with sand and olive-coloured artificial grass. The sand was removed and the area was tarmaced and concreted, and the grass was bonded down to ensure it would not tear or damage any cars.

It is what we want. It is better than grass or gravel. This is at least pretty consistent, flat, you can control the car. It’s the best solution we have found. We are happy to listen to any further good suggestions you may have but we haven’t found anything better.
Michael Schumacher

The Grass Park Senior artificial surface has also been used at the Hockenheimring F1 Rack Track.

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