Fitting Materials for Artificial Grass: Adhesive, Underlay & Edging.

Artificial Grass Fitting Materials

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  • LazyFix

    Lazy Fix™ Adhesive

    For joining LazyLawn surfaces and securing at perimeters.
  • LazyLawn Join Tape

    Join Tape

    Jointing tape to seam LazyLawn together. Sold in 1m lengths.
  • Weed Membrane

    Weed Membrane

    Weed Membrane to lay below your LazyLawn to help prevent weeds.
  • LazyLawn Edging


    High Quality Steel Edging for your LazyLawn. Each pack contains 5x 1 metre lengths.
  • LazyLawn White Foam 10mm

    Lazy Foam™


    A high quality 10mm underlay that is used beneath our surfaces on roof gardens etc.

  • LazyLawn LazyPad Shock Pad

    Lazy Pad™


    Lazy Pad foam is a high quality shockpad offering CFH over 1.5m+. Sold in 2.025m2 interlocking tiles.

  • peeclenz-for-artificial-lawn


    A powerful deodorizer to combat pet wee odours on your lawn.
  • poopclenz-for-fake-turf


    A non-toxic powerful disinfectant to remove poop odours and pathogens.

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8 Item(s)

As the UK's leading artificial grass supplier, we offer full installation services by our national network of trained, professional installers. However, if you would prefer the DIY option, we can offer a supply-only service, as well as all of the fitting materials that you may need.

When it comes to fitting your artificial grass, having the correct fitting materials is imperative to ensure you achieve the best possible results. From join tape and Lazy Fix adhesive, to weed membrane and underlay, we have everything you need to install your turf neatly and keep unsightly weeds at bay.

If you would like more guidance, we offer DIY instructions on our website. By purchasing your products from us, you are ensuring that every aspect of your installation is of as high quality as possible. Remember, our adhesive and underlay are two of the most important factors in ensuring your installation is as neat as possible.

Add Some Safety to Your Installation with Lazy Pad & Lazy Foam

If you're looking for some extra safety, we also stock Lazy Pad, a 25mm underlay perfect for patios, roof gardens and children's play areas.

For more information, you can get in touch with us today on, or you can call us on 0800 023 2343.