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  • Can You Use Fireworks on Artificial Grass?


    Fireworks & LazyLawns: Is It Safe?

    Due to the unsafe nature of mixing fireworks with artificial grass, we put have together a list of alternative ways you can celebrate on Bonfire Night without the use of fireworks. Continue reading

  • Looking after your Artificial Grass: Turning up the Heat

    Turning up the Heat

    Here at LazyLawn we have a great video that goes through all the simple steps that you need to go through in order to maintain your artificial turf all year round. Some of these steps include applying weed killer twice a year to combat any airborne seeds turning into dastardly weeds and regularly trimming back any hedges or over hanging trees to avoid debris on your lawn. Continue reading

  • Prepare Your Garden for Summer

    Prepare your Garden for Summer

    Get more out of your garden this summer by installing some artificial grass.  Inspired by nature a LazyLawn will remain lush and green throughout the summer, autumn, winter and spring!  Also by creating some easy care and herbaceous borders you'll still be doing your bit for the local wildlife.

    Continue reading
  • Benefits of Artificial Grass vs Natural Grass

    5 Guaranteed Benefits of Artificial Grass vs Natural Grass

    Unbelievably, the artificial grass industry is booming. Why, I hear you cry, when many of us love nothing but the smell of freshly cut grass on a summer’s day? LazyLawn give you the lowdown as to why the popularity of imitation grass is on the up.

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  • One way to get a show-stopping lawn…

    BBC one-show-lawns You may have spotted a piece on BBC’s The One Show last night about lawns – we certainly did. The presenter was correct in saying a good lawn can show off a garden, and as a nation we can be somewhat obsessed with them! Continue reading

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