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LazyLawn Artificial Intelligence Artificial Grass Installation

We recognise that an artificial lawn can be a significant investment. It is important that your installation is to the best standard. And with over 25 years’ experience we want to give you the best advice before you make your purchase.

We strongly advise that you use one of our installation teams for your project, as not only does this ensure a high-quality installation, it also means that you are protected by our 10 year UV and 7 year product failure warranty.

By choosing us, you are choosing the best quality of products and installation. We’ve installed thousands of synthetic surfaces and flooring over the years with magnificent results, so we can assure you, you will not be disappointed. We expect our lawns to have a life expectancy of at least 15 years.

The LazyLawn brand is over 30 years old. The brand is owned by Evergreens UK Ltd - a company built on quality and integrity. The late great Dame Anita Roddick even said of our company "Your customer service is the best I've ever received from a UK company!"

LazyLawn Artificial Grass Installation Benefits

We use a part-sand infill on all of our outdoor grasses. This offers a range of benefits:

Holds product down and in position - Without a sand infill, the turf can creep and ripple, ultimately compromising the finish.

Prolongs life of the product and makes it more durable - Most dogs will 'claw' at the base and it helps protects the lower tufts.

Our grasses are designed to be sand-filled - It is an integral part of the design process in achieving the most real-looking products

Protects against vandalism and gives a better flammability rating - Sand has extinguishing properties and helps to blunt knives.

Helps keep the grass cooler in summer - In hot sunshine artificial surfaces can become hot and sand helps to dissipate this.

* Warranties on grasses vary depending on the quality used. Please ask for more information.

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